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How does the kit cope with underhood temperatures ?   (by Mickael )
The ESI-BOX itself copes very well with all temperature ranges, normally the ESI-BOX is sticked not close to engine bit near the battery, for the ECA fuel it copes well with normal engyne bays, for thos using modified upgraded exhaust manifolds, they must install the ECA away from them to avoid excess oh heat near the ECA, if not, this makes the ECA send highger fuel temperature valuies than the real value because of excessive hot around it. But, the ECA itself does no suffer if installed near the hot components of the engine.
I have a Mazda DISI engine, can I use your ESI devices ?   (by Petro )
The kit is not binded to a specific véhicle or engine As the Mazda DISI engines are Direct Injection and their HPFP can be upgraded to handle ethanol (replacing the internal O-RINGS by ehtanol resistant ones) you can use the KIT with no problems. In fact you can use the kit in any véhicle capable of handling ethanol mix, or pure ethanol if you intend to supervise the amount of fuel mixed in ethanol at fuel pump, It may changes as a per season basis.
What kind of ethanol content analyser do you provide ?
By the moment we ONLY provide Branded new GM Continental ethanol content analyser sensors, we are analysing the possibility of providing other brands like AG, but not by the moment
Does this device interact with my vehicle's OEM electronic system ?   (by Mario Dantas )
No, this device is independant of your vehicle's OEM electrical systems, the device only needs to be powered-up using a 12V source, but it can't read any data from your vehicle, it can't cause any damage to your vehicle.
Can I plug the device directly to the car's battery or a permanent positive wire ?   (by Mario DANTAS )
Technically yes, you can do it, but the device will remain drawning current from battery while your cas is parked, the current drawn is 12V and 500ma, so it need days to drawn the whole battery charge, despite that, we stringly encourage you to plut it to an ACC+ wire, you have some of them in your fusebox, like radio fuse, cigarrette lighter fuse, etc... these are ACC+ wire as they feed current only when you turn on the key (and others only when you start the engine)
Can I install this kit in any petrol engine ?   (by Mario DANTAS )
No, this kit is only compatible with petrol 'direct injection' engines by the moment
What happens if I don't use my car for days or even for weeks ?   (by GCh Canada )
If the device has been plugged-in by following the provided detailed installation instructions, then nothing happens as the device will not pick any current from the car's battery, the device acts as an accessory, nor the Ethanol Content Analyser sensor as it is powered by the device motherboard.

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