Privacy Policy


Your privacy is very important to us, and we’re not in the business of selling or misuse of personal information. The app does not show ads. All the sensitive information is kept within the app and is used to enhance the overall user experience. Some optional features do need basic information about a user to operate properly.

Device Bluetooth / BLE permissions

Ethanol Sensor Interface Android application must use bluetooth permissions to communicate with the ESI-BOX physical device, as the App needs to receive data about the current ethanol mix and fuel temp, no other data is handled between the physical ESI box and the ESI Application. In Android 11 and below devices, the app requests permission to user your location, but it is mandatory in these API levels to allow scanning of bluetooth devices (ESI-BOX), in Android 12 devices this permission is no longer needed

Device Camera permissions

Ethanol Sensor Interface Android application must use your camera to pair the physical ESI device via the provided QR code.


No sensitive data is collected by the Application nor the ESI-BOX physical device, data is only displayed in App and not stored.


When you request a physical ESI device at , your personal information (Name, email, address) will be stored in an encrypted database and will be ONLY used to deliver your device and create the encrypted QR code to pair the device with the Android application. The information will NEVER be transmitted to 3rd party entities and can be deleted by request.